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Philanthropy Delaware serves those philanthropies whose primary mission is to actively fund the work of the nonprofit sector. 

Who can be a member of Philanthropy Delaware?
Public and private foundations, corporations, and individuals who have significant philanthropic investments. 

Philanthropy Delaware now offers various levels of membership

Full Membership: Receive all the benefits listed here. Level determination is based on annual investments in Delaware.

 Less than $100,000  $500
 $100,001 - $250,000  $750 
 $250,001 - $500,000  $1,000
 $500,001 - $1 million  $1,500
 $1,000,001 - $2 million  $2,500
 $2,000,001 - $5 million  $5,000
 More than $5,000,000  $10,000

Subscribership: Stay plugged in with information coming through Philanthropy Delaware, from matters of importance to the philanthropic community as well as trends/news from around the country. Read the full benefit list for Subscribers here. This is an information-only membership for a flat fee of $400 annually.

Philanthropic Advisorship: Eligible businesses provide services or products to philanthropic organizations. See the full list of benefits here. Philanthropic Advisors can become a member as an individual, or purchase membership for the entire business.

 Individual  $450
 Multi-person Firm   $900

Regional Discount: If a grantmaking organization is paying full dues to another regional grantmakers association, they qualify for a discount. Dues will be based on 75% of the organization’s total giving. Please contact Philanthropy Delaware's Engagement Manager, Christina Marconi, directly (email or call 302-333-8004) to sign up for this membership.

For information about Philanthropy Delaware memberships, contact Christina Marconi at Christina@philanthropydelaware.org.

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