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New Name!

New Look!

Philanthropy Delaware, formerly known as Delaware Grantmakers Association, underwent a comprehensive rebranding effort. A new name, new look, and new website were debuted on August 1st to its board of directors and membership.

“This is a new era in philanthropy across the country, and Delaware is no different,” says Cynthia Pritchard, President and CEO of Philanthropy Delaware. “This transformation more accurately reflects what we do as an organization, which is promoting effective philanthropy across many spectrums.”

Philanthropy Delaware currently has 38 funding organization as members, including Longwood Foundation, Welfare Foundation, Capital One Bank, M&T Bank, among other private, family, and corporate foundations. It is opening up additional limited membership options for philanthropy information-seekers and philanthropic advisors. Full membership is still the go-to option, with exclusive benefits and dues based on giving in the state of Delaware.

“This new name and identity fit perfectly with our mission and vision,” says Chris Grundner, Board Chair of Philanthropy Delaware and COO of the Welfare Foundation. “Through our revamped network, members will have expanded services available to them, allowing them to work smarter, and work more closely together. Philanthropy as a whole in Delaware will benefit from our unified voice for grantmaking organizations.”

Additionally, the organization has adopted a new tagline: “Advance. Connect. Impact.” The idea behind the tagline being that Philanthropy Delaware works to advance philanthropy in the first state by connecting key stakeholders to drive meaningful impact for all Delawareans.

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press release

Initial inspiration for the Philanthropy Delaware logo came from the Delaware flag.

The Diamond Shape

  • Delaware Flag
  • Strength
  • Wealth
  • Diamond is universal & inclusive (across the world, cultures, history) “Living a meaningful life”

The intersection of wealth & prosperity,
with wisdom & expertise...
THAT’s Philanthropy Delaware!

The Color Palate

  • Blue = Depth, stability, trust, wisdom, confidence, expertise
  • Colonial Blue (Delaware Flag) = General Washington’s uniform was Colonial Blue and Washington was first in philanthropy among his generation!
  • Gold = Wealth, prosperity

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