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A Platform to Help Small Donors Engage in Smarter Giving

January 25, 2019 2:12 PM | Philanthropy Delaware (Administrator)

It's no secret that charitable giving by ordinary Americans has been declining lately, with troubling implications for nonprofits that have become increasingly reliant on an ever-wealthier set of donors. The economy’s recent strength may have muffled the 2017 tax law’s predicted negative effect on charitablegiving, but it’s uncertain how long that luck will hold. Meanwhile, as we’ve discussed many times, increases in total giving are largely the work of America’s wealthiest, who could still stand to give a lot more than they do.

In this climate, how can comfortably employed young people develop the giving habits that’ll sustain flagging middle class philanthropy over the long term? If social impact is on millennials’ minds, why isn’t that translating into more actual giving?

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