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Count All Kids, KIDS COUNT in Delaware Face Book Focuses on Census 2020

April 25, 2019 4:56 PM | Philanthropy Delaware (Administrator)

Compiling statewide data for public use, the new KIDS COUNT in Delaware Fact Book's central theme is obtaining an accurate and complete count in Census 2020. Research has shown that 1 million of America's youngest residents were not counted in the last census- the worst net undercount for any age group.

"With the census less than a year away, now is the time for us to plan and prepare," said Janice Barlow, director of KIDS COUNT in Delaware. "Census data are used for so much-- representation, funding allocations and planning. Decisions for things like neighborhood improvements, public health, education and transportation are all made based on this kind of data."

In Delaware, more than $500 million flows to the state each year from the 10 largest federal programs that serve children. When kids aren't counted, communities are in danger of receiving less than their fair share of federal dollars for programs like Head Start, school lunches, public health insurance and child care- programs and services that help young children in low-income families get a healthy start in life.

The 2019 Fact Book shows that public investment and policy choices make a difference in the outcomes kids experience. An accurate census is essential for that. According to Barlow, "while the census is ultimately a federal responsibility, states have a lot to gain or lose based on response rates. Therefore, Delaware and its communities have an incentive to ensure a successful local count."

Click here to read full KIDS COUNT in Delaware Fact Book. 

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