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BluePrints for the Community Grant Program Aims to Address Social Determinants of Health

September 29, 2020 3:02 PM | Philanthropy Delaware (Administrator)

(September 28, 2020 by Hannah Cechini, wmdtDelaware – Highmark Delaware is a member of  Philanthropy Delaware Access to healthcare and other social services has become a hot topic amid the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why Highmark Delaware is working to provide non profits with more money to create solutions to problems around accessing healthcare. “If we can help those organizations to in turn help the folks that they serve, I think that that’s another really great opportunity here in front of us,” said Highmark Delaware President Nick Moriello.

Moriello says that Highmark Delware is working to disperse a $1 million BluePrints for the Community grant program to study and balance social determinants of health. “We’re focused on several areas in particular. We’re thinking about economic and financial instability, access to education, and transportation,” said Moriello.

Highmark says that BluePrints for the Community is designed to award non profits with grant money when they pitch unique and innovative solutions. Corporate Communications Manager Denee Crumrine says that many healthcare and social issues that once existed in the shadows were brought to light because of COVID-19. “It’s not that what we’re trying to do is new. It’s just that the needs are now greater. What we’re trying to do with the social determinants of health special grant is to acknowledge that increased need,” said Crumrine.

Crumrine says that based on their work with Delawareans in the past, she’s confident that those unique ideas will help find solutions to inequities in healthcare. “I’m expecting – because I know the Delaware community quite well – to see some really meaningful and impactful projects. So we’re really excited to see what comes through,” said Crumrine.

Organizations that wish to apply for the grant money can do so through the Delaware Community Foundation. The deadline to submit proposals is Wednesday, October 21st. Highmark Delaware says they have a virtual workshop on October 7th to discuss the grant program.

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