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Russell Sage Foundation Seeks Letters of Inquiry for Future of Work Research

  • May 23, 2019

The foundation's program on the Future of Work supports research on the causes and consequences of changes in the quality of jobs for less- and moderately-skilled workers in the United States. The foundation seeks research proposals related to the role of changes in employer practices; the nature of the labor market; and public policies on the employment, earnings, and the quality of jobs of American workers.

Examples of the kinds of topics and questions that are of interest include but are not limited to changing economies, changing families and policy responses (or lack thereof); economics of productivity and the role of managerial practices in improving job quality; causes and consequences of job polarization; and the effects of long-term unemployment and strategies to prevent long-term disadvantage. Priority will be given to analyses of original qualitative and quantitative data sources, and novel uses of existing sources of data to address important questions related to the interplay of market and non-market forces in shaping the well-being of workers, today and in the future.

The foundation encourages methodological variety, but all proposals should have well-developed conceptual frameworks and research designs. Analytical models should be specified and research questions and hypotheses should be clearly stated. Awards are available for research assistance, data acquisition, data analysis, and investigator time for research and writing up results.

Grants of up to $150,000 will be awarded to qualified organizations.

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