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  • December 01, 2020

Academy of General Dentistry LogoThe Academy of General Dentistry Foundation is committed to promoting oral cancer awareness, risk factor prevention, and diagnostic training for general dentists.

The Foundation's grant program supports nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and Canada that provide free oral cancer screenings and education to the public, especially underserved communities that lack access to oral healthcare due to geographic or economic hardship.

Programs should include at least three of the following characteristics:

  • promotes oral cancer prevention and education by offering free oral cancer screenings for the public;
  • uses technology as a means to support and enhance oral cancer risk factor prevention, including web-based public information resources and education;
  • promotes oral cancer prevention and education with a focus on raising awareness in geographically underserved areas;
  • hosts fundraisers with a focus on raising awareness of oral cancer, where participants can get a free oral cancer screening;
  • focuses on the link between viruses and oral cancer such as HPV;
  • includes patient navigation such as service delivery programs; and,
  • has established community partnerships to provide referrals and follow-up care to other programs or facilities.

Grants are not provided to/for:

  • capital campaigns or annual funds;
  • conferences or special events (e.g. fundraisers, receptions);
  • discretionary or emergency requests;
  • general operational expenses as distinct from program costs (e.g. rent, utility bills, food);
  • individuals or individual research programs.;
  • lobbying and/or political campaigns or endorsements.
  • operating budgets;
  • organization budget shortfalls;
  • goods or services purchased prior to notification of the grant award; or,
  • staff salaries or travel expenses.

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