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The Binky Foundation taking Proposals for "First Steps" and "Forward Steps" Grants

  • March 31, 2020

The Binky FoundationThe Binky Foundation is pleased to announce that it is unveiling a new, streamlined grant program for fledgling animal welfare organizations – shelters, rescue groups, TNR programs and others – that recognize that running such an organization requires a certain level of business acumen as well as a passion for animals. This program, our new “First Steps” program, will have a streamlined application process for entities meeting the program’s criteria (See “First Steps” Grants below).

In addition, The Binky Foundation will also continue to consider grants of up to $2000 to more established groups with a proven track record with a specific need outside of its operating budget (See “Forward Steps” Grants below).

Applications for First Steps and Forward Steps grants will be made available commencing on November 1, 2019. The applications will be available until the Foundation closes either or both grant windows based on the volume of requests, availability of funds and other considerations. Notice of closing of a grant window will be posted on our website.

“First Steps” Grants

Under its new “First Steps” Grant Program, The Binky Foundation will be awarding $1000 “First Steps” Grants to organizations meeting all three of the following criteria:

  • The organization has applied for or obtained status as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization within the last 5 years;
  • Within two-years of submitting its application, one or more principals of the organization (i.e., founder, officer, director, manager or key personnel) has successfully completed a recognized workshop or training program that combines the business aspects of running a non-profit entity with specialty training in operating an animal welfare organization; and
  • The organization has established a plan to achieve sustainability within its community, including local financial and material support.

The workshop criteria can be met by attending and completing a “How to Start and Run an Animal Sanctuary” workshop offered by Best Friends Animal Society, the leading voice in the effort to end the needless killing of animals in shelters throughout the US, or a workshop or educational program conducted by other recognized organizations that we determine includes a similar combination of business and animal care in its curriculum.

Unlike our “Forward Steps” grants awarded for a specific expense or purpose, grants awarded under our “First Steps” Grant Program may be used by the grantee organization for any purpose in support of the organizations mission without restriction.

“Forward Steps” Grants

The Foundation will also consider awarding grants of up to $2000 to groups with a specific need that cannot be funded under its operating budget. These “Forward Steps” grants may be awarded in support of the following types of programs:

  • A specific one-time need that will provide a long-term benefit (such as to help purchase a piece of equipment or to make an improvement to a facility);
  • A program in the early stages of development that is moving towards sustainability;
  • An educational initiative intended to provide a long-term benefit or help an organization achieve sustainability; or
  • Unusual or imaginative new initiatives that are designed to provide long-term benefits or advancements toward protecting animals and their habitats.

The Foundation will not award grants in support of an organization’s general operating budget, including for food, medicine, vet care or other day-to-day expenses. For examples of the use of funds the Foundation has supported in the past, please see Our Grantees ».

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