• December 31, 2020

Good360 is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of nonprofits by distributing corporate product donations around the world. The organization works with more than half of the Fortune 100 consumer, retail, and technology companies to provide needed products to thousands of qualified nonprofit organizations.

Good360 offers an innovative online marketplace that helps to aggregate the product needs of nonprofits and provides timely information about how product donations are used for the greater good.

Support has been given to a variety of organizations and issues, including schools, disaster relief efforts, and programs for children, families, and veterans.  

The majority of donations are made within the United States, with a limited amount of products available that can be sent internationally. To apply for international distribution, applicants must complete the International Shipment Application.

Note: Some exceptions to the eligibility requirements are made for organizations without 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status that provide services to help the ill or needy or at-risk youth.

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