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  • December 31, 2021

Kalliopeia FoundationThe Kalliopeia Foundation supports, connects, and lifts up extraordinary projects and leaders who are modeling powerful ways to reconnect ecology, culture, and spirituality and are rooted in reverent connection to a sacred, living Earth.

The Foundation's focus is on organizations that engage with contemporary issues at their root, with the understanding that ecological, cultural, and spiritual renewal are interdependent.

The Foundation's work strives to embody the following core principles:

  • Life Is Sacred: Honoring all life as sacred and expressing reverence for one another, the Earth, and life as a whole.
  • Interconnectedness: Approaching ecology, culture, and spirituality as inextricably interdependent.
  • Innovation: Generating creative ideas and outcomes through simple, meaningful engagement with others and the Earth.
  • Service: Embracing an ethic of care—the essential and natural aspiration to respond to needs beyond our own.

Priority is given to organizations and projects that:

  • are U.S.-based;
  • have leadership that is both visionary and grounded;
  • foster leadership in others, especially among younger generations and across generations;
  • are well-managed, with clear results; and,
  • use communications to connect and inspire beyond a single community.

The Foundation seeks out and supports projects of different sizes and scope, with particular emphasis on leadership, capacity, and field-building. 

Native-led cultural and language revitalization projects are of special interest.

Both general operating support and project support grants are provided, depending on the particular need. 

Grants are generally not provided to organizations or projects:

  • that focus singularly on either ecological, spiritual, or cultural renewal without expression of their interconnection; or,
  • whose impact and story don’t translate beyond a niche audience: e.g., academia, specific religious communities.

Application Procedure:

Proposals are accepted by invitation only. Organizations that feel their work is strongly aligned with the Foundation's mission may send a brief email describing their work to grants@kalliopeia.org.

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