WellCare Community Giving Program

  • December 31, 2020

wellcareimageThe WellCare Community Giving Program supports nonprofit organizations in the communities throughout the country served by the company through the WellCare Community Foundation and Corporate Sponsorships.

WellCare Community Foundation
The Foundation promotes the health and well-being of medically underserved populations and their communities by providing grants to nonprofit organizations that offer critical services.

Funded organizations must meet one of the following criteria:

  • helps low-income families and underserved populations;
  • works to enhance the health, well-being, education, safety, and quality of life of people in the communities WellCare serves; and,
  • improves the vitality of communities and people under WellCare’s care, from infants to the elderly and people with disabilities to struggling families.

Grants are primarily provided for program support.

WellCare Corporate Sponsorships
WellCare considers sponsorships from a wide range of nonprofit organizations and encourages creativity and innovation.

Specifically, WellCare considers sponsorships that:

  • create value for WellCare;
  • provide participation and/or volunteer opportunities for WellCare associates;
  • create unique and memorable experiences for WellCare members; and,
  • support the local communities WellCare serves.

Grants are generally not provided to/for:

  • organizations that do not align with WellCare’s mission or values;
  • individuals;
  • religious organizations (including church restorations);
  • labor, fraternal, or veterans organizations (including fraternal orders of police/firefighters)
  • political organizations or projects;
  • operating deficits;
  • governmental or quasi-governmental public agencies or organizations;
  • endowments;
  • trips or tours, including transportation costs;
  • payment on bank loans;
  • private foundations or trusts;
  • historic preservation;
  • public or private education institutions;
  • organizations that have a primary function or project of advocacy, lobbying, or litigation;
  • organizations that practice or promote discriminatory, exclusionary, or partisan policies; or,
  • organizations that have or create a perceived or actual conflict of interest with WellCare Health Plans, Inc.

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