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Western Union Foundation

  • November 06, 2020

Western Union FoundationThe Western Union Foundation supports efforts to connect underserved populations to the global economy through education and supports humanitarian relief for communities in crisis.

The Opportunity Beyond Borders program seeks to empower forcibly displaced and marginalized youth to succeed in today's technology-driven economy. Funding is provided for programs that equip these people on the move with the skills in technology and entrepreneurship needed to thrive in the jobs of the future as well as provide other critical support like counseling, career guidance, and scholarships.

Programs should be focused on supporting:

  • forcibly displaced individuals;
  • young adults aged 14 to 24; and,
  • individuals in the Foundation's top 25 core geographies.

In order to be eligible, organizations must qualify as a tax-exempt organization in the jurisdiction in which they are located.

Support is not provided to/for:

  • individuals;
  • political, labor, fraternal, or civic organizations or clubs;
  • political candidates;
  • lobbying organizations;
  • scholastic extra-curricular activities;
  • athletic and academic scholarships;
  • religious organizations;
  • fraternities or sororities;
  • fraternal, veterans, and political organizations (unless for a community outreach program);
  • membership dues;
  • conventions or conferences;
  • insurance premiums, bequests, or life-income trust arrangements or real estate;
  • cumulative donations from several individuals reported as one;
  • in-kind gifts, life income trusts, or real estate; or,
  • gifts in which goods or services were received (such as the purchase of auction items, sports tickets in return for a donation, annual museum passes, etc.).

Note: Scholarships are also available to help fund post-secondary undergraduate education in the STEM fields and business/entrepreneurship.

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