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Executive Director

  • December 01, 2020

The Newark Partnership - Home | FacebookThe Executive Director is the key management leader of The Newark (Delaware) Partnership (TNP) responsible for performing a wide variety of highly visible administrative, managerial and professional services to implement the Partnership’s mission, goals and objectives under the direction of the TNP’s Board of Directors. The

Executive Director is in a leadership position, concerned with the long-term success of TNP, and is responsible for the TNP’s day-to-day administration, fundraising, financial management, human resource management and public relations.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Under the general direction of the Board of Directors and the immediate supervision of the Board’s Executive

Committee, the Executive Director is responsible for following essential functions:


 Serves as an ex-officio member of the Board and all committees.

 Supervises, motivates and retains staff, including the prioritization, delegation and assignment of work.

 Development and implementation of a Strategic Plan for TNP, with assistance from TNP Board and

Executive Committee.

 Creates and maintains relationships with City of Newark leaders including Mayor, City Manager, City

Council members, etc., as well as, University of Delaware leaders, and key stakeholders from important sponsor organizations.

 Attend TNP events and act as emcee when appropriate.


 Ability to develop a strong working relationship with the Board of Directors.

 Assist with the identification and recruitment of potential Board and Committee members.

 Direct the day-to-day activities of the TNP in order to achieve the goals and objectives from the Strategic


 Ensure ongoing program excellence and detailed program evaluation.

 Actively engage and energize Board Members, volunteers and the community through TNP activities and programs.

 Maintain official records and ensure compliance with all applicable Federal, state and local regulations.

 Sign all correspondence, notes, agreements and other documents on behalf of the TNP, with the approval of the Executive Committee.

 Serve as an exfficio member on all TNP Committees and submit reports as required.

 Understand and follow TNP By-Laws, as approved by the Board of Directors and Executive Committee

Fundraising and Financial:

 Lead fund-raising efforts to develop resources intended to ensure the TNP’s long-term financial health, including identifying and meeting with potential donors.

 With the assistance of the Board Treasurer and TNP’s Bookkeeper, lead the development and submission of the annual Budget and monthly financial statements to accurately reflect the TNP’s financial condition.

 Approve routine expenditures, to be defined by the Executive Committee, as reflected in the TNP’s annual budget, and submit for approval to the Executive Committee requests for large expenditures ,as defined by the Executive Committee.

 Identify and pursue grant-funding opportunities under the direction of the Executive Committee.

 Work with appointed Accountant and/or Attorney to file tax returns, supervise or assist with audits, and to ensure TNP maintains all applicable requirements.

Human Resources:

 Recruitment and supervision of necessary staff, including any contracted staff.

 Conduct regular and/or annual performance evaluations.

 Make promotional, disciplinary and termination decisions as necessary.

 Develop and maintain a Personnel Handbook and ensure staff follows TNP policies contained therein.

Public Relations and Communications:

 Oversight of all TNP communication activities, including ensuring an active TNP web, social, and local media presence.

 Represent the TNP at local, state, and regional meetings and conferences.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

The TNP Executive Director shall have the following knowledge, skills and abilities:

 Understand the principles and practices of small non-profit organizational financial management and reporting.

 Excellence in organizational management with the proven ability to lead, manage and motive staff and volunteers.

 Proven ability to work closely and effectively with non-profit boards of directors.

 Understand small non-profit principles and practices.

 Excellence in public relations, including ability to make effective oral and written presentations.

 Experience communicating as a leader in formal and informal settings.

 Strong and effective interpersonal skills, including the ability to work effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people.

*all online platform work will be done in conjunction with contracted marketing and website personnel.

 Experience with event development and coordination.

 Ability to analyze problems and identify appropriate solutions.

 Ability to utilize Microsoft computer programs, as well as maintain online databases and informational files*.

Minimum Qualifications:

At a minimum, the TNP Executive Director shall have the following:

 Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university or 5-years of relevant experience.

 Past leadership experience and success working for Boards of Directors or similar organizational institutions.

 Excellence in organizational management.

 Strong marketing, fundraising, and public relations experience.

 Ability to work effectively with and lead others in a diverse community setting.

 Strong written and verbal communication skills.

 Passionate, mission driven and self-directed.

 Valid State driver’s license.

 Five or more years of management or related leadership experience.

Desirable Qualifications

Additional desirable qualifications for the TNP Executive Director include the following:

 Ten or more years management or related experience.

 Familiarity and experience with the Newark, Delaware community.

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