Director for IHM Center for Literacy and GED Programs

  • July 31, 2021

Logo of IHM Center for Literacy and GED ProgramsThe Director serves as the chief administrative officer of the IHM Literacy Centers. He/she reports directly to the Board of Directors and oversees the implementation of their vision and goals for the Center in its day to day operations.  A visionary with a strong sense of commitment to the students, staff and mission, the Director exercises personal initiative within a leadership style that values collaboration, demonstrates flexibility and adaptability to changing situations. He/she couples creative personal initiative with a willingness to accept the advice of others. Above all, the Director must understand the needs of the non-English speaking population, value cultural diversity and be committed to helping them to make a better life in the United States. He/she must be open to the methodologies that have been proven successful with this population and be willing to encourage teachers to develop new educational strategies and programs that lead to continuing success.

In particular, the Executive Director is expected to demonstrate strategic leadership, provide operational oversight and promote good external relations in the following ways:

Strategic Leadership:

  • Serves as chief administrative officer.
  • Has overall knowledge of the English language needs for speakers of other languages.
  • Leads the development of a strategic planning process to ensure sustainability.
  • Works closely with the Congregation, Board, and staff members to set the the vision and direction needed to fulfill the plan and to expand potential options.
  • Provides monitoring and professional development tools as appropriate.
  • Creates and oversees productive, dynamic, and cohesive work environments through communications vehicles and evaluative criteria.

Operational Oversight:

  • Collaborates with Site Coordinators and Finance Officer to develop sound financial operations including budget management, financial reporting, audit controls, and grant money allocation.
  • With the Site Coordinators, encourages recruitment efforts to insure adequate staffing and oversees the effective management of all human resources.
  • Oversees the initiation and administration of all programs, including the acquisition and utilization of educational materials.
  • Provides opportunities to motivate students and teachers to exceed expectations.
  • Supports the work of the Development Office through  the exploration of new revenue sources, proposal endorsement and analysis of campaign success.

External Relations:

  • Serves as liaison to Board of Directors and Congregation, relaying important happenings and current updates on Center operations through personal meetings and written reports.
  • Develops and implements strategies to build and maintain relationships with the siteĀ­ landlords through open communication with them.
  • Serves as the spokesperson for the Literacy Center and cultivates good relationships with neighboring parishes and related educational organizations.
  • Actively participates in professional associations and develops good working relationships with local and state government agencies.
  • Demonstrates familiarity with available sources of funding for adult/literacy education in private and public sectors.

Required or recommended experience:

  • Advanced educational background with degrees in related fields of business administration, education, social sciences and/or leadership
  • Participation in ESL and/or adult education programs
  • Implementation of online education with appropriate resources
  • Creation and implementation of strategic or business plan with corresponding budget
  • Demonstrated ability to build strong teams 
  • Demonstrated ability to manage diverse stakeholders including volunteers, board members, community advocates, donors and partners
  • Ability to further the educational mission at the Center

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