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Sustaining What We Started: Do More 24 Delaware

February 21, 2022 4:40 PM | Philanthropy Delaware, Inc. (Administrator)

Do More 24 DelawareWe were all more than generous when it came to contributing human and financial capital and resources in response to the crisis in 2020 and throughout 2021. Contributing to fill in the gaps that COVID-19, natural disasters, and other devastating events brought to the surface and placed on our consciousness was at an all time high across our nation. Our State was no different, and we need to sustain what we started.

Philanthropy Delaware is a philanthropy serving organization that works with the philanthropic community in Delaware. It exists to provide information, education, networking, and collaboration opportunities to individuals, corporations, and foundations who make significant charitable contributions to nonprofits in Delaware, and to strengthen philanthropy through public information and advocacy. We also interface with nonprofits to monitor their needs and advise on how best to engage with the philanthropic community.

While the philanthropic community and government make every effort to appropriately support nonprofits, the needs far outweigh the available dollars to address those needs, challenges, and barriers. We all have a role to play as individuals when it comes to contributing to the various missions of our nonprofit organizations. Contributing to their sustainability as viable providers of services, experts and community champions should not be obligatory or done for public relations value, but because we all have some small role we can play, and we need everyone involved.

The nonprofit of choice that you support throughout the year and during Do More 24 Delaware should reflect your passion, values and commitment to extend a hand to others. Issues such as childcare shortages, homelessness, and food scarcity that the pandemic brought to light cannot go away without your continued support to the nonprofit organizations that have quietly fulfilled these needs the past few years and your continued support is vital.

Delaware’s Giving Day, “Do More 24 Delaware” returns at 6pm on Thursday, March 3 and runs until 6pm on Friday, March 4, 2022. This 24-hour, virtual fundraising event is yet again an opportunity for individual Delawareans to support the many nonprofits that openly and in some cases quietly serve the First State.

Let us all be the individual that willingly steps forward to join in and help take care of one another, help our communities continue to thrive and generously become that “stand up” philanthropist for the greater good of our society. Every contribution is necessary and impactful to making sure that the quality of life of our neighbors is not one of living in or continually experiencing challenges that can be eliminated or at least eased with a simple online click of kindness.

-Tynetta Brown, President and CEO of Philanthropy Delaware

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