Starting a Large Campaign with a goal of $3 to $5 Million?
You've found the right place!

Large Campaign Panel  

Philanthropy Delaware members established this collaborative model on the review of Capital Campaign projects to achieve greater impact by working and learning together. The Large Campaign Panel model allows for information sharing, leveraging and maximizing resources, and take a new approach to systemic solutions. The Large Campaign Panel is the opportunity for grant seekers to present their proposal and receive constructive feedback from a variety of funders.  This panel of a wide variety of funders also provides the opportunity for grant seekers to connect with funders, some of which they may not have otherwise thought to approach.

Simultaneously, funders will be able to benefit from each other's questions and conversation during these presentations. Non-profit organizations will receive constructive feedback, which will be enormously beneficial to their campaign, and assist them in submitting more solid and successful applications to each individual funder.

If you are interested in learning more, please read the "Prep Packet for Presenters - Large Campaign Panel.pdf." This packet includes the panel process details. Applications will be due June 26, 2022.  

Access the Large Campaign Application 2022 here.